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Weight Loss Service

Are you overweight, tired, and unable to fit into your clothes? Have you tried to lose weight and failed? You are not alone – most diets fail. But we offer a solution, so get ready to Take Shape for Life.

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Take Shape for Life isn’t your average fad diet. This program offers a simple and easy to follow solution. You will learn how to lose the weight quickly, safely and how to keep it off.

Take Shape For Life is also a unique program designed to help you along the journey toward Optimal Health. By combining the one on one personalized support of a Health Coach, the Habits of Health, and the clinically proven Medifast Meals, Take Shape For Life gives you the resources and skills you need to live a healthier life for the long term.




Julie is a Registered Nurse and Certified Health Coach from the MacDonald Center for Obesity Prevention and Education, College of Nursing, Villanova University.

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