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About Morris Chiropractic Clinic

Dr. Monroe began practicing as a chiropractor in 1988. He first started his career as an Associate Doctor at Morris Chiropractic Clinic before purchasing the practice a few years later. For nearly 30 years, Dr. Monroe has been caring for families in Morris and the surrounding communities.

As a patient, you can be assured that Dr. Monroe will find out what’s causing your symptoms, correct the problem and teach you how to remain mobile and stable so your condition doesn’t return. He’ll use rehabilitative exercises, motion assessment and corrective adjustments to keep you feeling your best moving forward. Dr. Monroe’s hope for you is that you will not only remain symptom-free but also mobile and stable throughout the rest of your life.

Our Patient Community

Whether you have been injured at work, have been involved in an automobile accident, are seeking corrective care, or want ongoing wellness care for your family, Dr. Monroe invites you to explore chiropractic care.

One of things that Dr. Monroe finds most fulfilling about caring for patients is the change he sees in them as their conditions improve. As adjustments and therapies help to improve pain and other symptoms, their bodies begin to express true health in a natural state.

Miracles Every Day

It’s truly a pleasure to see so many patients’ lives changed through chiropractic. It’s why I love what I do!
Morris Chiropractic Clinic Office


There are so many remarkable stories to share, but one in particular stands out in his mind. Not quite twenty years ago, a mother brought her young son to Dr. Monroe for treatment. Only four years old, the boy was small for his age. His mother explained that he would vomit violently each time he ate. Dr. Monroe offered to adjust the boy and, within three weeks, the vomiting had stopped. He went from being the smallest boy in his class to being a healthy, strong young man. When Dr. Monroe saw him a few years ago, then 15 years old, the young man dwarfed him. And Dr. Monroe is nearly 6’2″!

Are you ready to find out how chiropractic care can lead to remarkable changes in your life? Contact our office today to learn more about getting started with your initial Complimentary Consultation.

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