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Julie Monroe, Certified Health Coach & Office Manager

Health Coach and Office Manger, Julie MonroeIn her dual roles as a certified health coach and office manager, Julie is passionate about helping to change people’s lives.

Julie is a registered nurse and has worked in a variety of health care settings. Her father once said years ago, “It would be great if you could take care of us when we got older.” As Julie had an interest in human health, becoming a nurse seemed like a natural fit for her.

Embracing Natural Health Care

Through the years, Julie’s perspective on health evolved from being medical-based to natural health-based. “Traditional medical care is important, but there are lots of natural health care options to help people become healthy.”

Growing up in The North Star State

Julie grew up on a farm here in Minnesota. She is one of six kids who her dad called his “hired hands.” As she lived the farm life, she can relate to the physical stress on your back that area farmers experience.

After graduating from nursing school, Julie met Dr. Monroe. They lived in North Dakota for a short period while he was finishing up his externship. Then they moved back to western Minnesota only about an hour away from where she grew up. They both have family close by.

Outside the Office

When she’s not at the practice, Julie likes to do CrossFit with her husband. Reading about gardening are some of her favorite hobbies. Julie is also very involved in her local church and continues to care for her mom.

If you’d like to feel your best we want to help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with Julie!


Julie Monroe | (320) 589-1541